8th Day of Trial


29 August 2017

(Posted on 30 August 2017)

Dear friends,

Thank you for coming to the trial today. It has been a tiring, stressful and felt-like-it-lasted-for-ages one month journey since my 1st day of trial on 1 August 2017.

One more day of hearing will be required due to the number of NUS witnesses. Today, my lawyer cross-examined the former Head of Department Prof Heng Chye Kiang and the former Dean Prof Cheong Hin Fatt. Prof Jeffrey Pinsler and Dr Wong Yunn Chii will take to the witness stand when the Court reconvenes the next time. In other words, there will be another day of hearing in the near future.

Lawyers on both sides will work to identify a suitable date. Dr Wong, my former supervisor, is out of town, so we will have to wait till he returns to Singapore. I would like to hear what Dr Wong has to say for my 12 years of misery.

Prof Heng Chye Kiang

Prof Heng was Head of Department of Architecture when I submitted my thesis to NUS in 2005. NUS disclosed numerous emails/documents that are adverse to their case in 2015. One of the critical emails that I finally saw is an email exchange between Prof Heng and his subordinate. It is clear that the officer, Ms Cheok, is reporting back to Prof Heng, following instructions that Prof Heng had given. 

Background: In March 2005, after I had turned in my thesis about 4 weeks before, the Registrar’s Office (RO) told me that it had still yet to receive the names of the examiners who would be marking my MA thesis. (The submission of the examiners’ names by my department should have been done as early as three months before I submitted my thesis.)

An officer from the RO suggested that I bring the matter to the notice of the Department of Architecture. So, I first blew the whistle on my supervisor, Dr Wong, on 3 March 2005, by notifying the Head of the Department of Architecture about the issues between Dr Wong and myself, one of which was the unacceptable delay in the nomination of examiners for my MA Thesis. (One thing led to another, and NUS eventually terminated my MA candidature and denied me my MA degree.)

I was very shocked when I first read this internal email which was disclosed by the Defendant (NUS) through discovery in 2015. What does the last paragraph mean? Not only is the content of the email shocking, the date at which this sort of communication had taken place is also shocking. This is barely 8 days after I first blew the whistle on Dr Wong!!!


Please help me in my court hearing fees (and other fees) if you could. I just launched a campaign on GiveAsia, as there was a request to use credit card for donation from a well-wisher.

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